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Saturday, April 02, 2005

sorriee.. but you can atleast read this, i can provide you aspirins

Omer Sharif... yes, a guy who is a certified cheapo paindoo jerk but when you watch his show on GEO.. you can laugh a little, sometimes even more that; BUTT(sorry it was meant to be BUT), he is still a paindoo, whenever he disguises himself as a woman and starts talking in english then I can't help laughing hard because everything is so hap hazard and there is no-sar-paoon of grammar(long long tiring sentence). He and *ONLY he* can understand, what he says in his so-called english.

I don't have to tell anyone about his sick plays because they aren't worth watching but GEO show is still tolerable as it slaps and embarrasses the hell out of celebrities by mimicking 'em. The best thing about him is his stand-up comedies; he is a guru and a cheetah in this category and has made Pakistan proud in other countries.

PS: if anybody thinks that I am a biggie fan of OS then he is damn wrong, please throw this thought out of your mind immediately. I was just watching GEO and I had to write something so I took him as a subject in desperation. Now I apologize for this shameful act, was I supposed to write this last line.

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