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Monday, March 28, 2005

enuff said!

it is 6:41 in the morning and i am not sleepy... isn't it strange? ofcourse it is; the worst part is that i have nothing to do so i thought about writing a blog post but instead i wrote this huge comment to hira, my friend. huh!!!!! kinda long wala sentence naa

comment said:"if you have some group photo in which A is also present... that would be a perfect present! no bouquets please, they are hell lot of a problem.. yaad hai saebz ke bday per kia huwa tha. forget it! you can also contact jamiat for making this a full uni event but i think its a damn bad idea.

wrigley's is damn addictive.

slims are really nice and moiz is rite.. you can still marry 'em.

Jerry springer is indeed an insane stupid weirdo kind of a show.. even more ghatiya than those saas-bahus wala dramas.

Hira, you know i listen to some selected music so keep updating me about the new good tracks on regular basis.

Thankyou for reading this comment, if you like it, very well, if you don't, I don't give a damn ;) :p"

and after writing so hell of a shit, i think there is no use of writing a blog post... so y the hell i am typing it. this sleeplessness have indeed made me insane a.k.a. mad.

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