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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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You can't call any ordinary human being as right or wrong, you can't be judgemental as there exists nothing as perfect and there is always a vacant huge room of improvement, and ofcourse if its in genre of religion then extremists are never welcomed. Religion has two shapes, the one is the social/cultural religion which a society adopts as a norm and the second is your own personal religion. No two humans are ever made identical, we have our difference and we should learn to live with it. Diversity is always a strength and we should make use of the best which is around. Fights and destructive criticism and doesn't pay anything. It is high time to come together under one roof and prove ourselves to be united while living and appreciating with our differences without any compromises. Live and let live if none is harming others. Islam has always been the religion of peace and brotherhood, these are the extremists who have dealt with it like their private properties.

Listening to: Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani... this na nnan naaa thingy is making me crazy and i am loving it.

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