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Thursday, March 17, 2005

kinda(word used 3 times in this post)artistic

i am destructive-type of guy. hey people dont take this statement as a negative notion. the problem is that where ever i go, i say something that is not appropriate but i also dont mean it, i act/do something that is again not feasible but i also didnt had such plan, i go somewhere and then mess up whole thing by giraofying something mistakenly and then have to face the embarrassment, kinda hard to understand. kia karein dear, i don't think much before acting/saying/doing....bla blah something. i am kinda spontaneous type of person. yeah one of those artistic type of people with all those abstract ideas, nice emotions and exuberant vibe but socially it makes me kinda weird. i may be so damn ajeeb sa for others, but yaar i am young at heart and thats wat counts the most.

end note: great idea, bad written post but hearty essence. nice dood nice

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