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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

in order to gain some, you lose some

I was seated somewhere in the first row in a gathering of about 30 to 40 people. Purpose was to acquire some useful knowledge in teachers' training session(course: history) and we got a big slice of it but for attainment of the purpose of we, I a.k.a Mr. Raheel had to go through a huge amount of ordeal. No doubt the lecturer was par excellence and provided us a huge score for critical thinking and intellectual development. The bitter @#$!#%^& part was his rude and insulting behavior.

Mr. Shafin, our lecturer in middle of his lecture said to me in a very serious tone, "the shirt you are wearing is BEKAAR, go out and change it", He added "jao shirt change karke aao, coordinator saheb isko bahir nikalo." The well expected laughs and humor was received and had a mortifiest(Wonder of Ms-Word Thesauras) effect. The way, he embarrassed me in front of whole class, just to give them a good concept about the absorbing and volatile behavior of creatures and their thinking patterns was not appropriate and advisable. I thought why me? why i should go through such humiliation for others? The answer was obvious: he was jealous of my shirt(the ironical part is i wore it just bcoz i love this shirt and it looks damn cool on me) or i was a front seated innocent looking guy :s. It was the first tyme when i thought of tearing the floor of a rostrum and throw someone else(instead of me) inside it. With much regret, i took it as a joke, pocketed the insult and gave him my pretty contagious smile(overrated comment).

By that time, i had become his toy. Now the next comment was completely not required and came out sudden, as splash of humor was again muchos needed in class. He again said "Jao, Bahir Nikal Jao Class Se" but the difference was of a humor tone to it. He also apologized me after it(yea, obviously in front of all the spectators) but what was the use of saying it after muchos torment that I suffered. But koi baat nahi as "chote chote sehron mein aisi bari bari batein hoti rehti hai(this particular sentence is an adaptation from DDLG, i lurrvingly lurve this movie =P)

And then this co-ordinator of ours, listened noisy bitchy conversation of ours(me and some friends) and started giving his not much needed opinion "ke beta aisa hota hai, ye baat aap hi kyun wali nahi hai aap bhi koi class parhate hain toh you pick one person aur woh bhi aise hi" and i said to him"Yeh sir, no problem. i know it happens" And the other second i regreted saying that because it mounted much more criticism by that me-like(same looks yaar) co-ordinator. By the way, me-like person is not that bad because once upon a time, he gave me and my good frnd wasim third position - yaay!! in brackets - in presentation cum research competition.

i dont know why i suffered with so muchos of criticism from every other corner today. some of it not even discussed here. this post was meant to be long and tiring so now i am damn badly tired.

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