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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Abhi-jeet gaya

i jumped, i cheered, i clapped, i danced, i cried(not really) and i did yabba daba doo and you know why b'coz ABHIJEET finally did it! He is the first ever Indian Idol. A well deserved fame to a kinda rock star guy. He is surely a complete package. He has got all: Handsome looks, charming personality, mesmerizing smile and fantastic soothing voice and now a one crore rupee contract, nice car too yaay!!! Congratz Abhi. I felt bad for Amit Sana too but neva mind... its a competition yaar. Waise i have eaten so much during this 2 hr show that i m feeling like bursting up; not only b'coz of food but also b'coz i have won my bet ;)

i feeling so sad b'coz my fav show has ended yaar... but cheer Abhi-jeet gaya

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