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Friday, March 04, 2005

it was a pleasurable read

i have just completed my reading of book CODE TO ZERO by KEN FOLLETT and miraculously in 1 go, pretty exciting plot and wisely calculated mode of story telling. i lurrrveed it... i started it from 12 pm and finished it just now. it was a pleasurable read, it was expected to be like this as it was recommended by Readers' Digest. It again proved that your identity and your memories are connected and is ofcourse, damn very precious. As the part left to read became lighter, my curiosity developed. While reading those last pages, my heart sank deep with the thought that it was getting over and i have to say adios to this book but after a long satisfying sleep, life returned to its normal state.

As some time back, Ms. Sidrah said in her blog:
"But when you feel the stilllefttoread part of you book getting lighter, and as you slowly reach towards the end of the book - a part of you falls to pieces and crumbles to the floor. It's as if a good friend is parting forever from your life and you read the last few pages with a heavy heart, be the ending good or bad, and you always have tears slide down your cheek when you read and reread that last line over and over again. Nothing hits you with more force then that last line."

i agree Sids.... i surely truely agree!

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