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Friday, February 25, 2005

cat-nap curse

according to my knowledge or say assumptions, i have been *cursed* by mother-nap. I have been experiencing a barrier (from past few weeks) to have my share of forty winks. Its really hard to remain sane, when you can't close your eyes for sleep at night, and by the time every one wakes up, you are ready for your abnormal slumber. And if, by chance you went for an early peaceful sleep then those mosquitos and their noises will never let you enjoy the peace -bet ya-, and the curse re-activates.. Isn't this strange? more appropriately, again it is a curse.

Indian Idol Update:-
-Over all the grand finale was a complete disappointment, no ambience, same sets, less excitement and okay performances. It was like every other episode. I hope Abhijeet stills wins... Amit Sana was really good but still Abhi is the best. Campaigning will surely help. I can't wait for the decision till 5th March. It is long, long and very long time to vote; can't predict what will happen. Best of Luck ABHI!!!

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