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Saturday, February 26, 2005

under a grey cover

sometimes this fact that how every person has his own distinct style of laughing, amazes me down the toe. some laughs are so inane that i can't even tolerate 'em, they irritate me and then evokes anger out of me. some people are so uniquely hilarious that their laugh becomes contagious, i possess one such too =p. some people stand in between these odds and their laughs disappear in this unknown vacuum.

but still there lie - many folds under this laugh - so many fears. fears is a reflection of your personality but a false one. it makes you the sculpture which ain't potrays your favorite pose, it makes you a painting having blurred lines filled with painful sundry colors, it gives your life and personality a 180 degree turn stopping you from doing what you want to do, it snatches your identity from you - making you what you ain't are and most importantly it makes you a man without smile and believe me it creates that emptiness which none can cherish.

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