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Saturday, March 05, 2005

heart-breaking fun

yeah tonite... new start will be born. i think he has already taken his deserved birth but the formality of announcing his name is still undone. I am sure it has to be Abhi. I hope that my hopes don't touch the rock bottom and i aint have to waste my precious Rs. 10 note on my friend Hina as i have made a bet with her for yummy tasty french fries. This exciting day will also bring some heartbreaks of parting away with this show to the audience. I am such a fanatic of this adorable thingy that i dont know how would i survive without it. Am i exaggerating? i dont think so. But yaay!! today is 2 hr show.. so there will be lots of fun performances and i would get chance to see my darling Aditi again. yaay!!!

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