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Friday, March 04, 2005

music, the food of soul and thought

music has always had a special place in my heart from the day one. music is the food of soul(for me its food of both soul and thought), you might have heard this a million times and believe me its 100% true. you can feel the vibe of it, you can relate with it and most amazingly you can learn so much from it. People wanna divide it into many genres but for there is only one thing which matters - good or bad music. Its hard to find good music and some meaningful masterpiece is a rarest thing, you might ever come across. Masterpieces are more tastier than chocolate frosted donuts, has more decaf than coffee and smell like those red darling roses.

Hey music reminded me about my favorite show... u would have guessed it, yea Indian Idol. Today it is the last chance for Abhijeet to prove himself and i am damn sure he will rock it. Good luck Abhi for both days as 2morrow is the final result. I have waited for this for the whole week and now i can wait no more.

- dedicated to all those who make good music

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