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Monday, March 07, 2005

must-wanted peace

Reading blogs gives me immense peace and happiness in every color of my mood's spectrum. Its effect is so magical that you get spell-bounded by good writer's blog and the best part is i have made minor but effective connections with the people whom i even don't know. It gives you knowledge and wisdom from other people's experiences and opinions. Its truely an 'educating with fun' process. I also get chance to see alot of pictures too =P

On the contrary, meeting people in real can be very bitter experience. I can even stand boring people but those who are paindoo-ish, diplomatic and uhu-type(chipkooos) are beyond my limits. They should learn how to speak and behave. There is piece of advice for the second typos that they should be honest about what they are saying, and later on should stand by their own words. And for chewing gum type people i can say only one thing - If i promise to miss you, will you go away?

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