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Thursday, March 10, 2005

paindoos on-air

If we talk about something like "Pakistani people and their wonderful traditions", we or atleast i can't ignore some facts rather behaviors of our masses. Let me write about one, the paindoos on air phenomenon. Whenever i see any public opinion based road show on any of our local cable-network channels, i notice this absurd phenomenon. There is a host chatting with a person and suddenly what you see in the background is a crowd of paindoo-ish people pushing each other out of some sort of (so-called-by-me) mental sickness and peeping between the heads to see the camera. There focus is other on being seen on television or to satisfy their curiosity about what is happening around. Those people are always ready to interrupt while others talking, to shout, to fight and do all the weirdiest typos of things. They can throw their opinions on any topic but are they logical? to some extent because our nation is an emotional fool. Just see how we react to India, fashion, modernization and whole other lotta things.
The word emotional reminded me of the scene i saw yesterday. There was a panga held on the road and in few minutes there were two groups. Crowd gathered and first witnessed their own curiosity. Crowd would a underrated vocab for them so i would say SPECTATORS. Then those spectators bifurcated into two parties and then the panga was resolved or rather turned into huge mess and please don't misunderstand me as one of those paindoo because our van stopped due to red traffic signal. I don't understand why people can't mind their own business.

PS: this so-called blog post is not about criticizing people but its about vomiting my frustations out and present the facts with some insight.

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