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Friday, March 18, 2005

Sabaina - another gloomy star with a red scar

Sabaina dressed in her beautiful orange colored clothes, in late hours of midnight was sitting on her master bed, resting her back on a fluffy pillow. Her bedroom was painted in shades of reds, maroons and lovely pinks. Dim lights gave her company inside and darkness ruled the outside. Loneliness was the factor prevailing at both ends. Sabaina lost her ever charming joy as her husband was on a business tour on her first anniversary. Half of her was resting underneath her baby pink checkered quilt and rest was trembling by the mix breeze making her way inside the room from the open ventilator and ofcourse fan was also on duty. She tuned in the radio which was airing some sad romantic songs. She digested those tunes with a bite of bloody red coloured apple that seemed like blushing from the midas touch of the lady. Her red saucy lipstick mark gave a more rough but tempting texture to the real existence of the apple. While taking her first bite, she never knew that it would be her last bite and that apple will be termed as dirty forever. Keeping the apple aside, she stretched her arms to fetch the book kept on the farawaycorner of side table. The existence of red was inevitable in her room, which again made its quiet prominent presence with this book's cover. The cover art had a heart pierced with knife forcing the cover to wear a red splash. Cover had a dark, dry and dusty feel to it but all that Sabaina saw again was the identical RED color on the cover accompanying the same feeling as her. At that moment, she realized that it was a kinda inside-out chore. As the pain, loneliness and sad romanticism that was getting all over her was simultaneously felt by every corner of the room too. Radio was also feeling the same words and the same music. Book had the similar dull ambience. She looked out of the window and saw nothing except the color black as the background of the beach, grayish white tips of water and the light of red bulb coming far from lighthouse, which looked like a tiny burning star on a thick red and white stripped magic wand . She heard words - of song from radio - "waiting for tonight, when you will be here in my arms" and thought whether these were sounds from radio or her inner voice. She missed some affection and whole lotta red love.

Now she knew what she wanted, her dream was 'to paint herself completely in RED'. She got out of that red room, opened fridge, drank some water, took a knife and came again in her choked known surroundings. She wanted a scar on her wrist so the tool knife can help her to accomplish her dreams. She was not committing suicide, she was trying to get the thing she desired the most at that time, she wanted herself to be painted in RED. But sigh no blood, no achievement, no super-saturation level of red and what she found was polluted water of Karachi in her body spilling out from her veins. She became more gloomy. She thought, "Why it always happens to me? whenever i crave for something badly, it rushes miles away from me. Why me? and only me?" She went outside on the beach, walking into the water, going deep and deeper inside. That was the last night of Sabiana on the surface of earth accompanied with her last occasion of seeing her own self in mirror, her last encounter of listening to FM station, her last bite of red tempting apples, her last attempt to appreciate art and her last chance to open the fridge and feel its cold sensation.

The next afternoon, her dead notwhole body was found at the shore, verified by her husband and guess what, she had a deep wounded scar on her forehead - a gift for her anniversary, symbolizing the eternal love of her marriage . Her clothes lost its original color and her dreams came true, she was painted in red yaay!! She was in her sacred RED. But how???, she didn't had any blood in her veins?????, the crisis was, she was either color blind or highly depressed, mentally diseased person. Completely shattered and extremely poignant, her husband walked around the shore and heard a child singing song "Gutter ka paani pi lo, kabhi na kabhi toh pi lo" Those words were mere sound for him, like noisy rackets of airplanes which have no significance. He kept thinking of Sabaina, tears dripped through his cheeks, fell on his wrinkled hands and then mixed with the seawater making it even more saltier. He never got the answers of his unknown questions but the smile on Sabaina's static dead face was ample enough for him to spend the rest of his life in that haunting yet serene red room with his newly red streaked hair.

PS: My first ever work of story writing/telling, medium by which i can satisfy the artistic side of me and can give some form to my abstract ideas. Btw the name Sabaina means sky full of stars. Please do COMMENT!

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