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Friday, April 01, 2005

THE HATE PHASE; it hurts

The thing i hate the most is hurting anyone... and on top of it I HATE(remember, it is in caps) getting hurt by someone, it feels really damn ugly. After family, the people which are close to my heart are my friends. They are those special people in my life that are LESS in number, maybe because 'less is more' but nothing precious like 'em. Its sometimes hard to know that MAYBE they don't think same or atleast behave the same but no problem.. friendship is not about taking, it is always about giving. However giving is perfect until you don't have to sell your own self-respect because it doesn't have any space for compromises. am i rite? i sound so true, believe me! I hope my *TRUE* friends realize my feelings about this funda/mantra/wateva because i think some even don't know what true friendship is and some dont even believe in it.

"Always think twice before you speak, Cross-checking is always important" and try to give a damn!

PS: i am taking no names, none has to take it personal because i ain't criticizing ANYBODY.

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