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Saturday, April 23, 2005

charm affect

Children are those soft, cuddly, cute beings which are highly notorious yet innocent. Their touch feels soothing like a fluffy cloud, which is so volatile that it can be tattered into pieces with a harsh embrace. They are ever ready to mess with you in the most naive way that has ever been discovered. Touching your nose - making you feel like a Pinocchio, pinching you out of nothing - not less than a nightmare, playing with your hairs and pulling them out of scalp - best for giving headaches, making faces - so-kiiyute-gesture, climbing over you as if you were a mountain; they just know all the tricks of the naughty trade. Their carefree attitude and those blithe mannerisms are surely a treat to watch. They make you feel special in their own dreamlike style, feeling 'em is like heaven of stuff toys and making 'em happy is the heaven itself.

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