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Saturday, July 02, 2005

gugu gaga - I dont know why I chose this title

Hey, finally some good news is flowing in.

Nahum got a new job with lots of mp3s. Woohooo!!
Sid cleared her IBA test. Great achievement gal, Best of luck for the interview!
Heewa got a great score in her exams. congresslotion, Yaay!!
Saadie won his dream match. Quite an old khabar but still a good one.
Papi Jee is giving me free Papigiulio tablets. Though the news is not confirmed yet.
Today, I will inshallah complete reading the book Siddhartha.
and Mom finally allowed me to attend I-EARN's 4 day conference. Love ya mom :)

On the top of all this, there is no class on monday.. long weekend. Cheers!!

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