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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hate you KESC.. diediedie

Karachi is pretty hot these days and by now you already know it. When electricity's load shedding is in routine(for min 1-2 hours and max 8-12 hours) in such scroching heat where even camels can't survive, it becomes greatest turmoil for we, the helpless citizens. Either this heat will make you sick or God forbid if you are already a patient and if it's a life-threatening disease then you know that your death call can come at any minute.

Therefore when you just get completely frustrated by this electricity problem and you dial a call for registering a request to the KESC complain department, they either don't pick up your call because they are busy sleeping by already ruining our sleeps or luckily if they do pick it, you will get some similar rude answers:

karachite: we don't have electricity in our home, please do something.
operator : WHY ARE YOU ANNOYING ME. BURN A CANDLE AND GO TO SLEEP.(caps used for shouting mode, just incase you don't know)

or maybe something like this,

karachite: hamare saamne wale ghar mein light aagayi hai, lekin hamare ghar ki nahi aayi. (Our neighbours got their electricity supply back but we still don't have electricity in our house)
operator : bibi isliye aagayi hogi kyunke unke aamaal ache honge.(Maybe they are pious people so they got their electricity back)

What a shit!! Hate you KESC. diediedie

And for all those people in big authoritarian positions; because of your insensitivity many people died in Islamabad and Lahore by not being able to bear this heat. But why would you care, you don't even understand the value of a person's life as you are relaxing your butts in an air-conditioned room without showing any concern. Go to hell, just switch of your ACs and fans and then you will know how it feels living-n-dieing in hell.

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