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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

uff yeh garmi - this heat is killing me

I have never hated summers this way. Karachi has changed itself from being a warm city to a BOiLING one. It was freaking hot today. I was already feeling sleepy, thanks to the big assignment which took nearly whole night to get completed and in addition, with all that heat I was feeling like a roasted chicken. My eyes looked like red hot coal, it was burning intensively and did I tell you that my head was also sizzling(i know it sounds funny but this is what I felt). There was no water-not a single drop, thanks goodness I didn't fell unconscious. Sorry there is a mistake, there was a water bottle in my school bag but the moment I carried the bag on my shoulder and left the school, it just annoyingly stuck to my pant's loop and till now I haven't succeeded in detaching the lost mad lovers. They are looking like the hottest gay couple in the town :lol: Today's home work would probably take ages to get finished so I better move my butt and do some serious labor.

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