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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Papa Jaani's Day

I don't do anything special on Father's Day because a heartiest wish in particular is the most valuable thing for my daddy dear. Like any other son around the block, I always have issues with my dad. We both are constantly playing with each other by passing arguments and doing all the mad stuff; and I know we both enjoy it equally well. Without those tits and bits of laughter and fights, world would never be the same. Thanks God for giving me such a nice father who cares for me like anything, who loves me more than anything and who is always ready to do anything for happiness of his spoiled brat.

So Dad Love ya very very much. Thanks for doing everything and for going an inch ahead every time to gimme every single thing that I have ever wished. And don't forget that my pasta is due on you.

Best Wishes of Father's Day to three important people in my life.. my tayas.. my lovely handsome Pappas. Love ya too.

So all the pappas and their children, Have a blast! All of my nicest prayers with you.

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