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Friday, June 24, 2005

Karachi at Dawn

Karachi looks so beautiful at dawn by the grace of God. With touches of the greenery at the road sides, everything else appears as if it is covered with a grey translucent satin. If you are at the streets of Karachi in between 6am and 8 am, you can feel the refreshing breeze - your first step towards tranquillity. You can see the colours of nature in their supreme beauty as if they are narrating you an impressive account of God's glory. Serene moments with not a single noise except the sweet voices of the birds which gets you going and all you want is to raise your head high towards the infinte sky as if you were a flower.

If someone gives me a choice of selecting the most beautiful spot of my city at these hours, it would be the Quaid's tomb undoubtedly. I just love the landscape and feel of the place which is picture perfect.

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