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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bad.. Bad Day

I had only 3 hours of sleep last night, reason the hot weather; and did I mention the horrifying ghost dreams which left me feeling totally numb? I went to school in that sleepy state and what comes to my knowledge is that 'the class is cancelled' arrgh! Then fetched a bus. It played all types of stupid unpleasant songs whether its a paindoo cheap hindi movie track or a punjabi/pushto number. The patha huwa speaker playing straight into my head and I am half deaf now. Completely annoyed.

I came home and It was so hot in here, no electricity. I hate KESC(Karachi Electricity Supply Corporation). I want cold showers and rains so badly. I am literally melting. I am dieing in this heat. And the worst part is I can't drink cold drinks/refreshing limo-pani, eat ice creams.. not even some drops of cold water, reason my tonsils and cough problem. My head is spinning like CD and its boiling like hell. Anyone wants some bheja (brain) fry?

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