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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I am completely pissed off rite now. This freaking load-shedding has crossed the limits.. Electricity is going on and off after periodic interval of 15 minutes. The moment I start writing a post, the computer turns off. KESC either doesn't like my blogging habit or it doesn't want us to have a peaceful sleep arrrgh! :@

However there is no use of talking this shit because I believe they won't get any better in even next hundred years. So let’s talk about something else. Today(technically yestersday) one of my ‘so-called’ friends told me that we should plan to go to AH restaurant. I feel so much guilty because this person thinks me as a friend but I feel like his big bro because he is still immature and quite younger than me. Personally I don't think I share the same rapport with him as he assumes. I don't think I will ever go to that restaurant again in the remaining portion of my life because firstly I hate the place and the food they serve there. Secondly there is an extremely bitter memory attached to it and I don't wanna think about it and torture myself again.

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