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Thursday, July 21, 2005

tomorrow is a holiday

I take my words back.. my professor is not that bad. He always praises me, makes me a hypothetical businessman in examples =) In short, he has helped me to be the centre of attraction in the class and the leo inside me is loving it. The best part is he never remembers my absents, so there are no issues if I skip a class or two - what else can you ask from a teacher?!

But if you people are thinking that he cancelled that extra class, then you are absolutely wrong, he is not that good yaar. But who cares, after all I am also not that innocent. If you think I will attend that wicked class then you must be kidding man. I have a valid reason too, my doctor have advised me not to sit in AC for long.. evil me =p On a much serious note, I would get ample time to prepare at least 3 chapters for the upcoming exams.

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