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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Anyone wants some shampoo?

I was watching "Javaid Shampoo"(a telefilm by Faisal Rehman and Bilal Minto) on Geo. It was first premiered at Kara Film Fest last yaar, which I missed unfortunately and till now I regret it. It was a pleasurable viewing experience. It narrates a story of a person who makes counterfeit shampoos and a group of elites - a storyline which is not too much focused. The telefilm depicts two major dilemmas with great timed mocking humor. Those dilemmas are: malfunction of social values and narrow-mindedness of confused desis. It has a lot of hidden meanings attached to it but according to the makers they've not realized these bits during the production process. The thing I liked the best was the character of Maliha(Zainab Abbas) which was conceived and performed very well. The bits from Benazir's Interview and Pehla TV Ads were also amusing. I highly recommend it!! For repeat telecast timings, check Geo TV.

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