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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Naaaaaaahhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :@

After sleepless nights and tiring days, busy schedules, an ill-computer and raising tempers, I am back! On the top of it, I AM ANGRY!! My computer was drowned in viruses for couple of months so I finally asked the computer repairing guy for the help because the whole mess was beyond my control, the computer wasn't getting ready even for a format. Now he tells me that he have to format all the partitions and I said to him, only format C Drive or else give it back to me because I don't wanna lose any of those precious documents, pics and about 5 GB of MP3z. And to my shock, when he brought the computer back, it didn't has any of those important things.. arrghh!! It was a mixed reaction, I wanted to kill that idiot and at the same times I was crying inside because I told him three times that either save my data or I'll do something myself. Now all those precious things have gone to a state called nothingness and I am deeply depressed. I hate to go to engagements, weddings and other g2g in my maternal family but I am helpless tonite like every damn nite. I am getting late. Please pray that I can come out of this trauma.

PS: The documents included three short stories written by me, two articles and a topic list from which I was keen to write some insightful articles on blog or elsewhere. mommieeeee I can't live without it!!!

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