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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Its Raining Man Hallelujah!!

Okay now this makes me happie. Finally the day has come. It rained today and yesterday too. Enjoyed it like hell, sang all those rainy songs that I could possible remember and did alot of walky talky. I love the way winds hit me, its so refreshing.. you feel totally free as if a new soul has born inside you. Neighboorhood people said that I look SMART in rains and I should show off this kinda attitude once in a while too ;) lolz. The only thing that I missed was dancing as the whole neighboorhood was on their terraces and the shy-me side took over.

These are the possible clues which can tell you that its raining in Karachi:

1. The roads are hell dirty and muddy.
2. The whole sewerage system seems totally messed up.
3. Automobiles get stuck every now and then in uncovered potholes or badly-constructed roads. 4. The public transport is all wet inside.
5. Buses are travelling like a snail.
6. You smell like a gutter.
7. When there is a great chance of losing your slippers somewhere in standing water.
7. Electricity breakdowns are frequent.
8. Everyone looks happy eating snacks especially pakoras.

What do you like the most about rainy days?

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