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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Imagine you are part of a computer game. You are walking on a thin rope and your goal is to reach the end. The game is programmed as follows:

If you fail to give your 100% concentration and hardwork to achieve your goal then you will fall down, and the ground will change into an arena filled with snakes that will eat you completely. If you became overconfident and tried to overdo efforts to achieve your goal then you will fall down, but this time the ground will change into a pool filled with filth and mud.

If you want to win the game, you only want one thing - Balance at every step. In reality, the computer game in spotlight is our lives itself. In any action that we perform, if we don't show our integrity towards that act/goal then snakes of failure and guilt will eat our self-esteem and we will deliberately kill our existence. On the other end, excess of anything is considered bad. Overconfidence and going beyond the limits will give you only one reward, which according to me is embarrassment. Put this equation in any situation and you will find it absolutely correct.

PS: Less space, so more insight and examples in the next post.

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