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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog Day 2005

Shirazi tagged me to do this post on blog day so sir, here it is!

Nir Ofir thought of a blog day to be celebrated on Aug 31. The aim is to push bloggers to move outside of those closed networks they are living. It's a day when we're all supposed to 'recommend' five blogs that we enjoy reading and perhaps others don't know about - simple way to expand that network.

Five top blogs that I enjoy reading are listed below:
See the side bar.. all of 'em are special for me and I enjoy reading 'em.

Five top 'unique' blogs that I recommend!
Alternate Thinking
A blog with insightful self-improvement articles written by my teacher

I don't know why it attracts me.. I afraid it has some black magic effect.

Fragile Girl
The most lively blog.

Light Within
A blog which is highly informative.

People and Places
Our mindsets are very much similar.

PS: I won't tag anyone because I believe most of you are already tagged by someone. If you aren't then join the walk. See the logo!!

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