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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yesterday was a cool but tiring day. We celebrated founder's day less and talked more. The most terrible thing was waiting for all those late lateef people and walking from one building to another to receive them. We were either walking or standing throughout the day and I am sure I must have shed 6 kilos for sure.. I know this is exaggeration at its best. Anyways it was a nice day to meet all those bichare yaars(lost friends). As for teachers are concerned, only managed to meet Ms. Rahila and Ms. Ruqaiya because we were too busy in walking, eating, chatting and standing. I was shocked to see drastic changes in some people. The best thing was I didn't miss any chance to pull a leg of my classmates with my goofy sense of humor. My friend U got so many slaps and pats from me that he was about to get mad on me.. his expressions were damn funny. God bless him =P I think this must be getting extremely boring so I wrap it up here. Ciao.

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