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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Together, we can!

My palm was numb and hand became static, when I got an injury in my shoulder and my arm can merely move; when I saw a disabled child, I felt a severe pain inside. I want to help them, not in monetary or health care terms because there are many people who either don't need it or many organizations will provide them these facilities but I want to ignite that fire which will change their lives. I want to boost up their self confidence and self esteem so they can overcome their weaknesses. In most of the socieites, they are considered as a discrete entity and sometimes such people are the victims of continuous disapproval and mockings from sociey. They need to be positive in order to live along others and succeed. I hope I can accomplish this task. Briefly, I want to help every single child who is facing these challenges, whether s/he is disabled or not.

If anybody thinks that I am a big show off then let me tell you that the main purpose to write this here is to spread a word. Everybody who thinks s/he is capable of creating a minor difference should participate. I guess, this is the best way in which we can thank God for his precious blessings that HE has bestowed upon us.

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