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Friday, August 19, 2005

Moving on!

Once one of my friend said to me that she is missing the experience of university life. She is missing the experience of making new friends. All this compells her to remember and cherish the sweet memories of youthful college days. Today I can completely relate to her. Both of us are getting same professional qualification and we are bound to move forward from our course to another, from one paper to another, from one class to another. People come, interact with us and then vanish in months. Solitude surrounds you most of time. I know I won't ever get the same uni-wala environment, I won't get chance to chit-chat and do masti(fun) in those carefree groups, I won't annoy teachers like I used to do and I will surely miss it! but sometimes I think its for good. Friendship is very beautiful relation but usually it tends to hinder your educational process and success and above all most friendships are not long-lasting. New friends relatively demotivate you. On the contrary, when you are ready to sacrifice all this, a passion and zeal lightens up like a fire in your soul to do the best you can to achieve that goal. So here I am, cherishing the past memories and heading towards future. I can't wait to meet my old friends, teachers and lovely school campus on 27th August which is the founder's day of AKHSS.

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