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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Anubhav voted out.. complete disgust!

I am a sucker for music and reality tv. And when both are gelled together, then the combination you get will just rock like anything. Anubhav is out of Fame Gurukul. I thought he would win this competition as he possess every-single-thing to make it big but the Indian public consists a majority of emotional fools who voted for Qazi instead. Qazi is a big loser, a wannabe who is more of a silly actor then a remarkable singer. He is nice at heart but yaar competitions don't run like this. Whateva! I will miss Anubhav's performances but I am sure that success will hit him in the near future.

PS: My horoscopes states that something bad or a problem is forseen. I ain't ready for it. I hope all this is not true.

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