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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy Independence Day

I know this is a very crucial time. I know many big problems still exist but on the other side of coin, we have also developed in many areas. We blame the system every now and then but forget that we ourselves make the system. I know things will get better, all we have to do is to take small steps and work on the principle of HELP YOURSELF! I lurrve my country the way it is because its a part of me! and I know I won't be the same person elsewhere.

Spend this Independence Day with the song AGOSH. Don't only listen it but also try to understand it with a wide accepting perspective. Here are the lyrics:

Tootay huway un khwabon kay
Uss dahektay sooraj tallay
Banjar thee woh
Falak say jo tapkay na jo
Umeed kay qatray thay woh

Piyaasi thee woh
Talakh ansuwon kay sailaab say
Bhee jo ho na saki num toh
Rotee thee woh

Yeh zameen, Meri maa thee woh
Khuda ka wajood, Mabood thee woh
Saya thee, Raushni bhee thee woh
Qadam tallay jannat
Meri aghosh thee woh

Jiss aasray keh liye
Rooh tadapti thee uss kee
Woh dhoka tha mein
Jiss shama ko, Jala na sakee
Woh andhaira tha mein
Yeh gunah-gar haath bheek kee chah mein
Jo badhain darbadar uss kee soo
Darr rahi thee woh

Aankh say tapka jo ab yeh lahooo
Zakham bharnay laga
Sar-ba-sajood hoon uss ke hazoor
Gunah dhalnay lagay
Darguzar aaj us maan nay kiya
Faslay simatnay lagay
Wahdahoo! Uss kee kokh say hoon
Aik hee nabz, Aik wajood

Yeh zameen, Meri maa hai yeh
Khuda ka wajood, Mabood hai yeh
Saya thee, Raushni bhee hai yeh
Qadam tallay jannat, Meri aghosh hai yeh
-Agosh by Entity Paradigm

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