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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dependence and Corporate Culture on I-DAY

Are you wearing green today? I guess it doesn't matter much. Every August specially on 14th, every one goes nuts about I wuve you Pakistan.. This is mera Pakistan and tera Pakistan, maybe Uncle Sam's ka Pakistan or God's knows whos pakistan.. Most probably Corporate entities ka Pakistan who stuff channels on I-DAY with loads of money to market their not-s0-related products. Every one today is heading towards his/her own self interest. Btw this chat is sponsered by Red Bull because 'RED BULL GIVES YOU FREEDOM KE WINGS.. So this I-Day get drunk on it and enjoy!' . Tune in the PTV channel and I bet you! they would be telecasting such ads like 'Lado Maar Sabun Banane wale paindoo enterprises ki taraf se ahl-e-watan ko azaadi ki dili mubarkan.. Lado ke lashkare Jagmak Kapde Saare'(Inspired from Heewa's Nick =P) We have already sold our skyline to these companies, now lets make some more money by selling everything else too. Most of us who are celebrating this day, have a buried selfish motive behind all this.

Is patriotism only about 08/14? It seems like Pakistan is only respected on this day because in other eleven months, we are just cursing our homeland. Are we patriotic in reality or are we just faking it? You decide!

PS: Don't forget the white adjacent to green because Minorities is a major part of our country. I love 'em all and hope you feel that too.

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