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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Budday Celebrations

Mashallah se, I was the first one in my family whose birthday was always celebrated in a grand way till I entered the teenage. I still remember and cherish that excitement which I felt as a child as soon as the month of August started in full swing. I used to plan everything in advance.. even my dreams had the similar task to perform. Whole house(not whole but lounge) decorated with party ribbons and baloons, playing those musical chairs and such similar games, the unwrapping session of gifts, the distribution of host gifts.. all that were some nice memories that I love to recall till date.

Now when I am about to complete my nineteen years on earth, I still feel the same anticipation and the same enthusiasm but yes priorities have changed. Now all I want is to eat is some yummy chocolata cake and appreciate kind greetings of some lovely people.

Btw the habit of sleeping long after a hectic birthday haven't changed much.

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