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Friday, August 26, 2005

Bits and Pieces

  • Watched Fame Gurukul today. I think something was missing. It was this. I guess, it was preplanned to vote out Mona. It became evident when I watched today's gala. The episode was perfectly planned with recorded songs and dance sequences used as filler and Mona was nowhere in it. Her fantabulous Goodbye Performance still haunts me, it was the same song that she was supposed to perform today if she had not been voted out and I bet you! She would have been safe /immune for one more week.

  • 27/08 is Founder's Day of my dear HS/college - AKHSS. It will complete a decade filled with success tomorrow. I am very excited to celebrate this event. Can't wait to meet my rocking friends and so shweet teachers.

  • I started reading the novel '1984'. I think it doesn't suit my taste. Time will tell!

  • Its a day filled with madness because I wrote so many posts today. And don't you even dare to skip reading any one of 'em.

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