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Friday, August 26, 2005

I am still finding one! ;)

This is the chat that I had with my shweet cousin Gudi last nite.

Gudi: Tune abhi tak koi larki warki patayi (you got yourself a girlfriend yet ?)
Gudi: Muje sab ki gfs ke naam pata hai toh teri gf ka naam bhi pata hona chahiye naa (I know of everyone's girlfriend so shouldn't I know yours as well ?)
Raheel: Abhi koshish jaari hai =p (I am working on it)
Gudi: Ab muje saarey jahan ki kabhar toh honi chahiye naa (I should know everything about everyone !!)
Raheel: Haan toh tu apna khud ka BBC khol le (why not start your own BBC ?)
Gudi: Already khula huwa hai (I'm already running one)
Raheel: Woh toh nazar aahi raha hai (yeah, I can see!!)
Gudi: lol

Now one more think, my mom thinks that I am having an affair of somekind. Our family is very liberal in the sense that nobody have any issues with it, it's just the curiosity which compels them to ask such idiotic questions. I guess, this problem runs in the family.. Lmao!

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