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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fantasy with Five

A very special friend of mine called Heewa tagged me, so I had to do it. yaay!!

5 years ago: Cheetah at studies and presentation competitions, Rocked at dancing.. people used to ask me how the hell can I be so flexible inspite of being so elephantish. *mashallah*

1 Year ago: Farewell, HSC Result, Disappointments, Flunking in CA exams =P, lots of Pizza, tonsils, blog :)

5 songs I know all the words to: September -EWF, Larger than life -BSB, Kal Ho Na Ho -KHNH, Its the time to Disco -KHNH and Addat -Atif

5 Snacks I enjoy: Donuts(haye!), Icecream, Chips, Pizza, and irresistable Dhokras

5 Things I'd do w/ $100 million dollars: Aren't they less?! Anyways Investment money in Banks, Car, Home-theatre system, Real-estate and some charity

5 places I would run away to: Paris, Canada, Disney Land, Bombay and Bankok

5 things I would never wear: Sleevless- anything, dhoti, skin-fitted clothes, chamkile shirts and mini-skirts :lol:

5 favorite tv shows: Simpsons, Khichdi, The Kumars at no. 42, Koffee with Karan and MTV Boiling Points

5 greatest joys: Love from everywhere(includes God, Parents, Family and Friend), Appreciation, Rain, Good Music/Books and Praying

5 favorite toys: Stuffed Toys/Puppets, Racing Cars, Ludo, Video Games, Computer?! Can I add my cell phone too?

5[(x3)-2] People I'm tagging: Maria, Greenhead, Sana, AsianSmiles, JonyBr, Anonymuis, Kamran, Umema, Sid, Absar, Punk D, VL and Asad Raza.

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