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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Today's Roundup

I am loving my room, mashallah se. The yummy lilac wall blessing and guarding me when I am resting on bed, the lovely purple curtains with trendy prints of leaves on it and a great grey marble pot in the side.. everything is perfect for my taste. Thanks to everyone who were involved in process.

When I entered the class, my students said: "Sir why are you looking so weak" They meant to say that I have shed some weight and later they explained the former statement too. Then while I was coming back to home, I met this aunt of mine who said: "You are looking a little thin, don't you eat something" and then this hilarious comment came: "Beta khyaal rakha karo apna, khaya karo theek se lesson karna hota hai naa" Bwahaha so shweet of her. Btw for my foreign leaders she asked me to eat well because then I have to also do hell lot of studies.

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