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Friday, October 21, 2005

Kajol Madness

When Kajol comes in your dream(even as a sister), you surely wouldn't like to wake up from sleep. I guess, this will be my cheapest post till date but here presenting you some reasons because of which I like her.
  • She's also an adorable leo.
  • She looks beautiful in sarees - looked best in K3G.
  • She has the bestest million dollar smile in the world which leaves a spark in her eyes.
  • She is very spontaneous, intelligent, a goofball and quite funny too.
  • Like every other leo(have you seen me laughing), she owns an unique and infectious laughter.
  • The most charming and elegant lady that I have ever seen, a great actress for sure.
  • And she looks very similar to my cousin =)
*finishes this post with a huge smiles on his sleepy face*

PS: Flu can indirectly affect your saneness.

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