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Saturday, January 21, 2006

insanity at its best

You know bestest chat that I can ever have, are those when all of my AKHSS mates come online then we get into nasty and insane conversations, one such convo is here. Let me introduce you to Mr. chuchoo. You can expect the unexpected from him. He also has something weird and phunny in stock to say. You know that when he is online; he will tickle your funny bone, make you die out of laughing and insult the hell outta you. Still we all like him.. yes we are big dumbos. Okay we have had enough of chuchoo-talks so we shift our focus to this wacky convo that we had last night. This made me laugh like hell, I was about to choke seriously. Translation is in brackets.

small world says:
raheel u cant fight em...sai me inhon ne diploma hasil kia aise chezon mein (raheel u can't fight em, they have got some kind of diploma in these type of things)
chuchoo says:
Raheel says:
aur kia hum toh shareef log shareef ilaaqey ke tehre (yes, ofcourse I am the only innocent person left, belonging from an innocent area)
small world says: forget it....
chuchoo says:
abey oo.. shareef tu kkoi bhee nahi hai.. (hey ya, no one is ever innocent)
chuchoo says:
every one gets married
Btw after this convo, I am still thinking how chuchoo will look in pampers on his head?! Lolz!! Okay we admit we belong to some MAD species. As far as pamper-thingy is concerned, I bet you don't wanna the context =P

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