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Friday, May 13, 2005

jab mein khush tha, when I was happy.

finally my net connection has recovered from illness and this is the post which i wanted to blog yesterday but 'dair aahey, durust aahey'

12 may 2005
Nice day, class ended at the exact time(what an unusual thing).. met some of my friends in school whom I was missing the day before. We talked, chit chat-ed, gossiped for about 2.5 hours and we didn't even realized that a camera was recording us from behind, no problem for us, the bindaas people. We also realized that we had never stepped out of the school web(first school, then high school and then proffessional school). We discussed our problems, insight on text messages, who is dating whom, our hidden desires; shared our secrets, our frustation, our teachers and all those AKHSS memories(precis of a 2.5 hour conversation). When you are with your best-est friends, you feel like dancing in a paradise where there are only cherished moments and no worries. I also made some new friends in the class. Now the void feeling is erasing, making place for some new exciting thoughts. Thanks God for such a nice day, nice family and friends, nice opportunities and Thank you for protecting me from those mobile snatchers. My friend once said to me that it is really a frightening experience and I said whats the big deal. Jab khud per parti hai toh hi pata chalta hai dear... I was damn scared and MY MOBILE IS SAFE.

woh lamhey woh yaadein
koi na jane thi kaisi baatein
woh barsatein
woh bheegi bheegi yaadein.

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