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Saturday, May 14, 2005

say paneer

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from left: Afzal, Umer and ME!

This pic is one of favorites. Thankoo Saebz for taking such a nice pic of some great ppl :P Sort of Dil Chahta Hai type pics. yaa toh yeh dosti badi gehri hai ya phir yeh pic 3D hai(either this is a deep friendship or else the pic is 3D) :lol: I choose the former option. Everything is so nice about this pic except that ketchup bottle. I lurrrvve my smile in this pic(a rare thing).

I have noticed that all of my AKHSS wali pics have always turned out to be the great ones, especially the ones with umer - my best friend. AKHSS aur hamari baat hi nirali hai, btw we are THE nicest people living(pretending to live) on this wild earth. I think zayada hogaya; now I am blushing!

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