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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Dreams are reflection of one's personality; an audio-visual experience in sleep in which you can rarely feel anything but sometimes emotions does play a part in it. Dreams are representation of suppress feelings, desires and aims of a person. In short, it is a key made by God which can open doors leading to your inner self which gives you a chance to understand your own self.

Such was the last night filled with dreams. The previous night scared the hell outta me. It was creepier than any million-dollar horror movie. I had dreams of mass killings, torture on innocent lives and graveyards full of dead bodies of victims of acute voilence. All I could see was cuts, wound, blood, smoke, scars created from knife, people on burining cross, fire and the person who was doing all this was a very respected and kind-hearted person.The frames were painted only in the shades of red, grey, blue and green. I sensed extreme fear and death. I am still trying to intrepret the dreams I had. They were many. I have only written about the one which depressed me like anything. I experienced a damn-dream-saga yesternight that can win an Oscar for sure.

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