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Monday, June 06, 2005

d'amour with france

I would love to visit France one day. The style and hospitality attracts me to fall under its grace. Walking under the shelter of Eiffel tower, streching my arms to hug it while eating chocolates and almonds will be my guilty pleasure. All that I can smell would be colognes and perfumes on the street of Paris, and an eden of fashion will be waiting for me with flashy lights welcoming me into this world. I would attend Flower Parade, dancing along the field of flowers with beautiful people. I would drink coffee on the road-side cafes and would eat Italian Food all day long. Pizza, Salads and Pasta would be my purpose of living. I would go for a blood test and the report will state 'Olive Oil' as my blood group. I would be buying loadz of watches and colognes, one for each day of my charming life. I would be speaking french, eating french fries with some french toast. And with accepting the gift of a lot of memories I would say au revoir!, adieu! to the lurvely city.

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