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Friday, June 03, 2005

I want your prayers.

The bus in which I was travelling today was something beyond than a sports car, obviously not in BHARAM(style) but in SPEED. Driver was driving so fast for over-taking another bus that the only thing that I can think in my mind was a cheap-bolly-song JAANLEWA!! lol. Then God came, slapped the driver and he got his senses back.

Btw all those who protested in the city somedays ago against TERRORISTS are themselves members of the creed. The KFC event is a bloody witness in front of everyone's eyes.

An opportunity will be waiting for me tomorrow, so please pray for me - Amen. Please pray to HIM that I can my dreams come true, ofcourse with HIS help. God please help me, I know you have already done alot for me in advance and I am thankful.

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