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Sunday, May 29, 2005


It is our natural state to feel happy and peaceful until we disturb it. In this secularization of life, we are lost in an artificial world of selfishness, hatred and worries. We are born in a balance form and are supposed to stay like that. Material benefits and standard of living can't be ignored but should not affect your spirituality as well. As most of us believe that rules are meant to be broken, we don't only believe it but also apply it, result is a distortion of your own being. Distortion of a person into a stranger who ain't have any voice, by chance if he has one he was never heard.

Meditation is only way to get reconnected with that hidden entity, your true self. It has its place in almost all the religions, concerntrating over any spiritually healing word and focusing over the essence of your existence and your awareness gives you inner sense of well-being. Most thoughful and insightful words in Islam include Ya Allah, Ya Muhammad, Amen. I have been practicing this for quite a long time and believe me I enjoy nothingness; happiness, power and wisdom that you gain from it is incomparable. It is self satisfying, rewarding and soothing. It is an experience above all, an experience of eternal happiness. Self submission and gratitude towards God is also a key element in this practice. Do take some time out for your own self in order to have peace of mind, body and soul. And always remember HE is always with you and HIS love for you is far much bigger than yours for HIM.

For those who are heading nowhere in life: OPRAH... its for beginners. I don't find it interesting because it doesn't discover the broad horizons of spirituality through religion but it may help you.

"Peopke who are often in a hurry imagine they are energetic, when in most cases they are simply inefficient." -Sydney J. Harris

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