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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Tribute to My School Principal

My school principal was the best thing that ever happened to my ma'm. Ohh don't take it wrong. The thing is: this man hasn't ever bothered to see what is happening around the school so Ma'm had THE actual bossy authority. He used to come once in a blue moon in the school, aur woh bhi late duh!! He was extremely miser and selfish.
Mr.-idontrememberhisnamebecausehewasnotworthit- had a bad-est share of memory, he couldn't even remember the names of position holders(..and I felt so bad). Whenever he addressed his speech in the assembly, it was so muchos wali long speech that students collapsed one after another and after such 3-4 crashes of dizziness, he would sense a wake-up call of wrapping up his speech. The only nice thing that I remember about my school is LEARNING. Btw I sometimes wonder that why I always played cheapsters LEAD roles in my school plays, may it be a beggar, a servant or micheal jackson(with loads of makeup) :lol: Those were my sixty seconds of claim to fame(maybe more than that because I was damn popular man =P)

PS: Sometimes it is very important to write a bad post, reason??? its a secret.

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