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Friday, May 27, 2005

a needy post

Jami is the only pakistani video director whose work inspires me alot. It is nice to see a director making a sensible music video of an average 4 min length and who gives you room to understand it and perceive it in your own unique way. Abstart conceptual feel to his videos forces you to see the video again and again and enjoy it because everytime your eyes see that brilliant piece of art, they identify new things in it. New dimensions emerge and illuminate the digital canvas making it a soothing experience for your inner self due to growth of your intellectual capacity and asthetics.

The latest video "DEEWANA" of Ali Azmat directed by Jami which started airing sometime back on local channels setted a routine for me, routine of seeing the video all over again from different angles to comprehend and grasp the concept. It was too-much-abstract-and-confusing which made it difficult for my mind to digest the idea. And then, a light emerged and I read an interview of Jami conducted by Insiya Syed where he explained the concept of the video. This video of Jami should have been more flexible so the viewer can be au fait with the whole idea -that he wanted to project- in lesser amount of time. Jami is the person who always tries to experiment and sets new standards of digital art in Pakistani Media. Unfortunately, people still look at videos in a conventional manner. In addition to that, directors-from-nowhere come and continue to make lousy videos - the tribute to sick tradition. We need more people like Jami. Saquib Malik and Umar Anwar are the only creative men who can give him a tough competition.

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